Wolf Clan

The wolf clan believes that passing on our heritage to our children and grandchildren is most important, and that we must live in harmony and peace, as well as Love one another, without passing judgment.

For more information on our POWWOW visit the Spirit of the wolf Powwow page, where you can access our flyer, vendor application and any other information. for general information email betty@wolfclanny.com

We also have powwows a time of song, and dance and trading, to also pass onto our children the happiness of togetherness, the beat of the drum which is mother earths heart beat, and the representation of our circle, that strongly shows the Circle of life.
Nuh Wah Doe He  Yah Duh


Crossing Deer


Many moons ago, a brave wanted so badly to become a warrior, but to do so he must prove himself to his tribe. Much like all the other braves he was to go off on his own and bring back food for the tribe. The young brave went off and hunted the great white-tail deer. two seasons had passed and no sign that the young brave would return, so the tribe packed up their village and walked for many moons in search of their young brave. after five seasons had passed the young brave never returned, and to this day has never returned to his tribe. It is believed that they are still looking for him you may see the signs on the road Watch for Crossing Deer.

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